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HEATHER Winkeljohn

Heather Winkeljohn has been teaching all ages and abilities in fitness and self defense for several years. Heather  holds two degrees in Education and Psychology. She learned jiu jitsu in the early 90's and continued her martial arts experience in 2000, by pursuing AKKA (American Kenpo Karate) and grappling.

In 2011,Heather decided she wanted to create a self defense system for women that was fun, practical and based on escaping the attacker, and fighting when necessary. The goal was to make self defense accessible by all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities.

She and her husband, Michael Winkeljohn, put their heads together to create a a practical self defense program for women, Smart Girl Self Defense.

Much of the course is based in psychology, a little neuroscience and practical techniques. Guest speakers often participate as well, and include APD, former military Ops and  and a Forensic Psychologist. The Winkeljohn's have had several women return to share their stories of success, in escaping an attack. 

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