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We do offer a 2x weekly MMA classes for women (1 day of striking and 1 day of ground training). 2 half an hour private sessions are necessary before enrolling in our MMA classes. Please, Contact Us to schedule.

Smart Girl Self Defense Class

The Crown Jewel of our Classes! This class is an evening long but loaded with information, techniques and fun. We raffle off prizes and you leave our class with a renewed feeling of confidence and security.  The end of the class is the most exciting part! Once you attend this class, you get a lifetime of free refresher classes.


FIT2HIT Defense Fitness Classes

These classes are for all levels of fitness. In here you'll sweat, punch bags and mitts, learn a variety of kickboxing kicks and apply the very techniques we teach in the Smart Girl Self Defense class. They're great for stress relief and improving your fitness level, or adding to your current fitness routine.

* First FIT2HIT Class is FREE. Please, call or email to schedule!

Bend & Balance All Levels Yoga

Bend & Balance All Levels Yoga will focus on injury prevention and different styles of Yoga for your well being.

Private Training

We offer individual or small group private lessons. Private lessons can consist of self defense techniques or kickboxing/mitt conditioning sessions. 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 2 hour sessions available. Please, Contact Us for Group Rates.

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